6 Thing Before Beginning Yoga Teacher Training in India


Making the leap into Yoga Teacher Training in India (YTT) can be both exciting and life-altering, but to maximize this immersive and profound training there are a few essentials you should keep in mind before beginning.

Here are Six important things to keep in mind: 

  1. Research and Select an Accredited yoga teacher training School: India offers numerous yoga teacher training in India (YTT) programs, making it essential to select one that aligns with your goals and aspirations. When researching schools registered with Yoga Alliance – as this ensures they follow specific standards – reviews from former students provide valuable insight into quality of training provided. Consider location, accommodation options and teaching styles when making this decision to find the one most suited to you.

  2. Prepare Physically and Mentally: Yoga Teacher Training can be physically and emotionally taxing, so it is vitally important that you prepare both mentally and physically before beginning. Yoga practice can build strength, flexibility, endurance and resilience while meditation or mindfulness practice helps build mental clarity and emotional resilience. Finally, prepare for long hours of practice, study and self-reflection, as YTT in India is a comprehensive program. 

  3. Acquaint Yourself With Yoga Philosophy and History: To truly immerse yourself in yoga’s journey, become familiar with its rich philosophy and history. Read classical texts such as Patanjali’s Yoga SutrasBhagavad GitaHatha Yoga Pradipika. Deepening your knowledge will deepen both practice and training sessions alike while developing cultural sensitivity towards Indian traditions you will encounter along the way.

  4. Pack Appropriately and Respect Local Customs: When packing for yoga teacher training in India, be mindful to pack accordingly for its climate and activities. India’s weather can change significantly depending on its region and time of year, so pack light clothing suitable for indoor and outdoor practice sessions. Also remember to respect local customs by dressing modestly according to cultural norms – this is essential if you want an enriching learning experience! India is home to diverse and vibrant culture which must be honored if learning can go smoothly. 

  5. Make Sure You Stay Open-Minded and Humble: Yoga Teacher Training in India can be an eye-opening journey that challenges preconceptions and beliefs, so approach it with an open mind, willing to accept knowledge from different sources, embracing growth opportunities as both an individual and yogi, being humble towards feedback from instructors and peers will ensure maximum impact from this training experience and foster an inclusive learning environment.

  6. Logistics and Visas:  The logistics and visa aspects of your travel plans is essential to ensure that you have a pleasant trip. Find out the requirements for obtaining a visa in the country you reside in and make an application well before time to avoid problems at the last minute. Plan your travel and lodging arrangements in advance, particularly when you are planning to arrive before your scheduled arrival time to adjust to your new surroundings. Be familiar with local transportation options, the currency and other essential amenities to ensure your stay is comfortable

Preparing for a Yoga Teacher Training in India requires thorough research, physical and mental preparation, understanding yoga’s philosophy and history, packing appropriately and approaching the experience with openness and humility. By keeping these five aspects in mind, you’ll be better suited to embark on a transformative and rewarding Yoga teacher training in India experience in its country of origin – embrace this opportunity wholeheartedly and let ancient yoga wisdom lead your path toward becoming a skilled and compassionate yoga teacher!

Enroll today and unlock your potential as a skilled and empowered yoga teacher! Namaste 

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