Fertility Yoga Teacher Training in India

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8 Day Fertility Yoga Teacher Training in India

Welcome to our transformative 8 day Fertility yoga teacher training in India program in the enchanting land of India. If you have a passion for yoga and a desire to support women on their fertility journey, this Yoga Teacher Training in India is designed specifically for you. Immerse yourself in the sacred teachings of fertility yoga, expand your knowledge, and gain the tools to empower women in their pursuit of holistic well-being.

What is fertility yoga?

Fertility yoga is a subset of yoga that focuses on reproductive health and boosting fertility. To develop a holistic approach to fertility, it blends moderate and restorative yoga positions with breathing exercises, meditation, and mindfulness approaches. Fertility yoga attempts to build a fertile environment within the body and enhance general well-being by addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of fertility.

yoga teacher training

The Connection Between Yoga and Fertility

Yoga, known for its profound effects on physical and emotional well-being, is an effective tool for promoting internal peace and enhancing fertility. This ancient method goes beyond traditional exercise by generating a favorable environment within the body for reproduction.

Yoga’s many positions or asanas target and tone the muscles in the pelvic area. This focused interaction not only improves blood circulation, but also activates reproductive organs, setting the groundwork for increased fertility. Yoga poses that focus on the abdomen area, such as twists and gentle inversions, can be used therapeutically to massage and nurture reproductive organs, improving their functioning and promoting conception.

Beyond the physical benefits, Fertility Yoga Teacher Training in India provides a comprehensive method that addresses the mental side. Yoga helps to calm the mind and relieve tension, which is an important aspect in the conception process. Stress, which has the potential to disturb hormonal balance and menstrual cycle regularity, can be reduced by yoga’s use of relaxation methods, deep breathing, and meditation. Yoga greatly improves the chances of a successful conception by instilling a sense of serenity and harmony inside the body.

In essence, yoga emerges as a holistic and transforming practice that not only improves physical vitality but also creates the ideal internal environment for conception. Through purposeful poses, attentive approaches, and an emphasis on mental health, yoga becomes a valuable companion on the path to realizing the dream of conception.

yoga teacher training

Why Choose Our Fertility Yoga Teacher Training

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    • Specialized Curriculum: Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on the intersection of yoga and fertility. Learn specialized asanas, pranayama techniques, meditation practices, and relaxation methods tailored to support women’s reproductive health and enhance their overall well-being.

    • Expert Instructors: Learn from highly experienced yoga instructors with expertise in fertility yoga. They will share their vast knowledge, guide you through transformative practices, and provide individualized support throughout your training journey.

    • Holistic Approach: Our training embraces a holistic approach, recognizing the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of fertility. Gain insights into Ayurvedic principles, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations that can contribute to a healthy reproductive system.

    • Empowering Women: Become a source of support and empowerment for women by sharing the transformative practices of fertility yoga. Develop skills to create a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters healing, resilience, and hope.

    • Certification and Recognition: Upon successful completion of our Fertility yoga teacher training in India, you will receive a registered school certification signed by lead teacher and Ayurvedic Doctor Vipul Kumar. This accreditation allows you to teach fertility yoga worldwide and make a meaningful impact in the lives of women.
    yoga teacher training

    Course Fees


    Private Accommodation
    $ 1800

    Note:- Graduates of the 200, 300, or 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Himalaya Yoga Teacher Training are eligible for an exclusive benefit -a significant $300 discount on this training program.

    Fee Include

    Immerse yourself in a 9 Days private accommodation and a daily gourmet experience including two vegan or vegetarian meals and one fruit dish. Participate in the transforming Welcoming Ceremony and the triumphant Graduation Ceremony, which represent significant milestones on your path. Equip yourself with four complete course books to enhance your study throughout the program.

    Prioritize your health with an Ayurvedic Consultation tailored to your specific requirements, followed by a package of Dosha Specific Detox Tea. Embrace a comprehensive experience with vital cleaning items and a brand-new yoga mat to help you practice. Our complimentary airport pick-up service from Dehradun to Rishikesh ensures a stress-free arrival.

    After successfully completing this immersion program, you will be awarded the Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Certification, which will serve as proof of your devotion and achievement. This full package invites you to go on a revitalizing and educational adventure, culminating in newfound knowledge and a recognized certification.

    yoga teacher training

    Next Available Fertility Yoga Teacher Training India Dates

    February 2024: 20/02/2024 – 28/02/2024

    Available Seats: 3

    September 20/10/2024 – 28/10/2024

    Available Seats: 4

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