Eka Padasana (One Foot Pose) – its Benefits, Adaptations & Precautions

Eka Padasana, commonly known as One Foot Pose, is an excellent yoga pose for improving general strength and balance in the legs, spine, and arms. The name “Eka” means “one,” and “Pad” means “foot” in Sanskrit.

Eka Padasana can be practiced three times on each side, maintaining the pose for as long as you feel comfortable. Inhale as you lift your arms, then exhale as you settle into the most ideal position.

Eka Padasana

Here’s a step-by-step instruction for maintaining proper posture:

  • Start standing on your yoga mat, feet together.
  • Interlock your fingers and raise your arms over your head.
  • Hinge forward from the hips and move your weight to your right leg.
  • Maintain a straight line from your upper body, head, and arms while raising your left leg straight back.
  • Keep your left leg aligned with the floor and look at your hands.
  • Focus your attention on the Swadhisthana or Manipura Chakra.

Benefits of Eka Padasana

  1. Strengthens the arms, wrists, back, hips, and legs.
  2. Improves muscle coordination.
  3. Improves concentration.
  4. Balances the nerve system.


  1. Avoid this posture if you have lower back pain, heart problems, or high blood pressure

How to Improve

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