Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose)- Its Steps and Benefits


This yoga pose, often referred to as the splits, may trigger memories of elementary school gym class, where teachers pushed us to practice gymnastics routines. For many people, performing the splits as youngsters was pretty simple, but as adults, it’s a different story. This yoga pose, known as Hanumanasana (Monkey pose) in yoga, is difficult, especially for people with tight hamstrings, glutes, and groin muscles.

For naturally flexible people with lengthened thigh muscles, the majority of us have shorter muscles in these places. As a result, practicing Hanumanasana (Monkey pose) becomes a journey of growth rather than an immediate achievement. It is critical to approach the posture with caution, avoiding pushing too far beyond our capabilities. Respecting our body’s limitations and avoiding overstretching helps keep our legs safe and maintain their health in Hanumanasana (Monkey pose).


Its Steps

  1. Lie down on the left knee and put the right foot about 30 cm in front of the left knee. Place your palms on the floor, on both sides of your right foot.
  2.  Slowly and gradually move your right foot forward.
  3.  Support the weight of the body with both hands at the same time.
  4. Straighten each leg, moving the right foot as far forward and the left as far backward as they can without strain.
  5. In the final posture, fall your hips so that the pelvic floor and both legs rest on the ground in a straight line.
  6. Close your eyes, relax your body, and place your palms together in front of your sternum.’
  7. Make sure your back knee is straight.
  8.  Maintain the posture for as long as it is comfortable.
  9.  Return to the beginning position.
  10. Repeat the asana with the opposing leg forward.
Beginner’s tip:-

To lengthen the body and spine, press the back foot firmly into the floor. This motion produces upward force, allowing you to pull your shoulder blades firmly into your back.


After finishing this asana, sit with both legs stretched forward for one to two minutes.

Benefits of Hanumanasana (Monkey pose)

  • Hanumanasana (Monkey pose) improves flexibility and blood circulation in legs and hips.
  • Improves range of motion
  • Reduces risk of injury via practice
  • Improves digestion.
  • Tones the organs of the abdomen.
  • Establishes courage.
  • Stimulates the reproductive and digestive organs
  • It relieves leg cramps.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety while treating groin tightness.
  • It improves the quadriceps muscles.

Contra-indications of Hanumanasana (Monkey pose)

Individuals with medical issues including slipped disc, sciatica, hernia, and hip joint dislocation are strongly advised not to practicing this asana.

Practice Note:- Hanumanasana is the ultimate test of leg and hip flexibility. Few people can successfully drop their bodies to the floor in the final posture. For those who cannot, a cushion or folded blanket can be placed underneath the pelvic floor to prevent strain.

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