Unlocking the Power of Chakrasana (Wheel Pose): Benefits, Risks, and Essential Modifications

Chakrasana is sometimes referred to as the wheel posture, is an energetic yoga pose that provides many spiritual and physical advantages. It’s a backward bent exercise that requires the ability to stretch, strengthen as well as mindfulness. When the body is in the shape of a wheel during this posture, it’s appropriately called Chakrasana. Regular practice and conscious awareness of this energizing posture can transform the mind and body, leading to the feeling of greater health and peace. Let’s explore its method as well as its benefits and variations.


Technique to do Chakrasana

  1. Lay back on your back, with knees bent. the heels pressed together the buttocks.
  2. The knees and feet should be approximately 30 centimeters apart.
  3. Place your palms on the floor next to the head, with the fingers pointed towards shoulders
  4. This is the starting position.
  5. Slowly raise the body and arch the back, which allows the crown of the head to be able to support the weight of upper body.
  6. Continue to move the hands towards the body to increase support if necessary.
  7. Straighten your legs and arms as much as is possible, but without being strained and raise the head and trunk off of the floor.
  8. Arch your back to the highest point that you feel comfortable in the final posture.
  9. Straighten your knees even more by moving the trunk towards the head
  10. Let your head hang between straight arms.
  11. Lift the heels, and then balance on the balls of your feet as well as the hands for a couple of minutes, and then lower the heels.
  12. Keep the position in place for as long as you feel at ease.
  13. Slowly lower your body until your head is resting on the floor.
  14. Then, lower the rest of the body.
  15. This is a single round

Benefits of Chakrasana

  • Improves flexibility and strength of the arms, spine and legs.
  • he stimulation of the digestive, nervous and respiratory, cardiovascular and glandular systems.
  • Improves hormonal balance and can help with gynecological issues.
  • Focus and focus improves your mind.
  • It promotes a feeling of vitality and renewal.

Variations and Precautions of Chakrasana


  1. Standing variant:- Standing with feet apart, arms extended above the shoulders, then bend forward and bring hands to the floor below the shoulders.
  2. Poorna Chakrasana (Full Wheel Pose): Advanced practitioners can extend the pose by extending their hands towards the feet, and then grasping the feet, laying their them on the floor to create a an entire wheel.
  1. Avoid performing Chakrasana when you are sick wrists that are weak or weak, or during pregnancy.
  2. The first-timer should take their time and gradually increase their flexibility and strength.
  3. Try it on a surface that is soft to keep your head safe and avoid slipping.

Practice Note: Chakrasana is recommended to be done on a soft carpet will shield the head. It shouldn’t be practiced on a blanket which could slide. It is an asana that is inverted that involves the entire body as well as the entire body nervous system is being put in an unnatural location. It can be challenging to raise your body because the nervous system is not ready. Do not overstretch. Try a variety of postures to prepare, for example for example, setu asana. If the sense of place when space, also known as proprioception is lost. strength also goes away. Chakrasana helps to develop this sense of place in space.

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