Ushtrasana (Camel Pose) – its benefits and How to practice it

Ushtrasana (Camel Pose), commonly regarded as an ancient asana with profound benefits to both body and mind. Through our detailed step-by-step tutorial on Camel pose we’ll also cover its numerous advantages as well as useful safety precautions and precautions for practicing it correctly.


How to practice Ushtrasana

  1. Vajrasana is a way to sit.
  2. Standing on your knees, with arms out to the side.
  3. Knees and feet can be placed together if it is more comfortable.
  4. Slowly lean backward and reach for the left heel first with your left hand, then slowly the right heel.
  5. Do not strain.
  6. As far as you feel comfortable, bend your head and spine forward and push the hips back, while keeping the thighs upright.
  7. Relax your entire body, including the back muscles.
  8. Legs and arms should evenly support the weight of the entire body.
  9. To maintain the arch in the back, the arms should anchor to the shoulders.
  10. Stay in the final position as long as you are comfortable.
  11. Slowly release the heels from your hands one by one to return to the original position.

Duration and Awareness:


    • Practice up to 3 times as a dynamic asana practice.
    • Maintain the final position for up to 3 minutes before transitioning back.


Focus your awareness on your abdomen, throat, spine or natural breathing patterns for physical well-being; for spiritual wellness concentrate on Swadhisthana or Vishuddhi Chakra for enhanced spiritual awareness.

Safety Tips for Practicing Ushtrasana

  • Prioritize Warm-Up: Commit to an intensive warm-up regimen consisting of gentle backbends and hip openers in order to prepare your body for Ustrasana’s more rigorous practice.

  • Listening to Your Body: Be Sure to Listen to Your Body Listen carefully for signs from your body; if any discomfort arises during yoga poses or asana practice, back out immediately or seek advice from an instructor who specializes in that field.

  • Modifications for Beginners: To reduce the intensity of backbends for beginners, place a cushion or yoga block between your heels and hands as this may soften its impact. 

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid: Be careful about overarching in the lower back or straining the neck when approaching full expression of any pose. Instead, aim for gradual progression through all stages until fully expressed pose is reached. 

  • Precautions for Individuals With Specific Health Conditions: It is advised to visit with a healthcare professional should any preexisting health issues exist in regards to your back, neck or heart.

Benefits of Ushtrasana

This asana has a beneficial effect on the reproductive and digestive systems. Stretches the stomach and intestines. Constipation is relieved. The backward bend stimulates spinal nerves and loosens vertebrae, relieving backache and shoulder drooping. Posture is improved. The front of the head is stretched fully, which tones the thyroid gland and the organs located in that region. People with asthma can benefit from this.

Incorporating Ushtrasana into Your Routine

  1. Frequency and Duration Recommendations: Include Ushtrasana into your daily practice by beginning with just a few minutes at first and gradually increasing it as your body gets used to practicing this asana.

  2. Establishing a Safe and Supportive Environment: For maximum benefits from Camel pose practice it in an isolated, peaceful space which enables you to fully focus inward and experience both its physical and psychological advantages.

  3. Use Ustrasana with Complementary Poses for an Engaged Yoga Sequence: Combine Ustrasana with Child’s Pose and Downward Dog as complementary poses to produce an evenly-balanced yoga sequence.

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