Vyaghrasana (Tiger Pose)- its benefit and How to practice it

Vyaghrasana which is also known in the tradition of Tiger Pose in yoga, evokes the stretching routine seen in tigers when they wake up of deep slumber. The posture involves a sequence of coordinated movements with the aim of improving both physical endurance and flexibility as well as enhancing the person’s focus and attention. 

When you incorporate Vyaghrasana in your routine you will experience advantages like improved physical endurance, greater flexibility, increased mental focus and a stronger feeling of connection to the spiritual. This yoga posture provides the whole-body approach to health that combines physical strength with spiritual clarity and mental clarity.


Himalaya Yoga Teacher Training Explains Vyaghrasana

Vyaghrasana is a yoga pose which combines the strength of a stretch and the flexibility. 

The word “Vyaghrasana” in Sanskrit, “Vyaghra” means the word “Tiger” and “asana” means “pose or posture“. The asana that is performed here is influenced by the strong and graceful moves of a tiger like its stretching and arching motion.

How to practice Vyaghrasana

  1. Take the position of starting marjari-asana, and then look forward.
  2. Relax your whole body.
  3. By bending the back, Straighten the right leg and stretch it back and up.
  4. Bend your right knee.
  5. Take a look up and then bring the toes to the back of the head.
  6. Hold the Breath for several seconds in this posture.
  7. Right leg straighten, then bend the knee and pull the leg below the hips.
  8. At the same time, bend your back up and then bend the head down and bring the knee toward the nose.
  9. The right foot must not touch the floor.
  10. The thigh presses against chest.
  11. Hold for a few seconds while retaining the breath outside.
  12. Straighten the foot and stretch the leg again.
  13. Bend your knee and continue to slowly swinging movements.
  14. After completing one side, take a break in marjari-asana.
  15. Repeat with the other leg.
    • Inhale while moving your leg backward.
    • Retain in the last place.
    • Exhale while swinging the knee towards the chest.
Duration: Practice this pose 5 times with both legs.

Benefits of Mulabandhasana​

This pose exercises and loosens the back muscles by bending it in both directions. It stimulates spine nerves. It loosens the sciatic nerves and relieves sciatica. It also loosens the hip and legs joints. It helps to tone the female reproductive birth as well as women who have had many babies, which is why post-pregnancy women must regularly perform Vyaghrasana to strengthen the reproductive organs as well as abdominal muscles. It relaxes abdominal muscles, improves digestion and improves blood circulation. The weight is decreased by reducing the weight of the thighs and hips.

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